Some Custom Fun Experiences

A major Consulting Company organized in Rome an exhausting training for its hundreds of employees. In order to test the level of knowledge after the one day training, Onetec setup several interactive kiosks, connected online with a huge HD screen. The HD screen showed 4 different empty glasses.

Employees had the task to work in team and to answer as quickly as they could to the different multiple choice questions displayed at the interactive kiosks. Each time a correct answer was given, a part of the empty glass got filled. As soon as all glasses were filled, the party could start. This way, management could have an idea on how the skills were integrated by the employees. Mixture of Fun, Pleasure and Efficiency.

For an International Congress in Croatia, Onetec set-up small interactive screens at the entrance of the Congress Hall. Each interactive screen displayed a number of "moods". The participant just needed to swipe its badge on the NFC reader and select his actual "mood". Each result was transmitted live on huge HD screens displayed in various places in the Event Hall.

An easy way to feel the temperature of the event.

During an international tennis tournament, Onetec displayed on dozens of HD screens some multiple choice questions to the attention of the 5.000 spectators. An answer could be send by SMS to Onetec's 8810 number. The winner received an invitation by SMS to collect a bottle of Champaign at the exhibitor booth.

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