The third chapter of an exciting novel: OneTec-Eventattitude and Bebotics are pleased to announce that they are now officially operating as one.

Bebotics is a start-up founded by Arno Roose with an endless capacity for live activations and a well-deserved reputation for creative excellence. Together with Florence Quetstroey, Arno will lead the ‘’Personalised Experience Design’’ activation unit.

A few weeks ago, the first page told the story of Eventattitude’s merger with OneTec.

Then Florence and Gaëtan wrote the second exciting development in the narrative.

Formerly a board member and operations director at Eventattitude, Florence Quetstroey accepted to co-manage our activation unit.

Gaëtan de Borman, board member and creative mind at Eventattitude, agreed to a strong partnership that will launch OneTec into a new stratosphere of possibilities, translating technology and innovation skills into an unparalleled brand impact.

And here comes the third chapter of this fascinating journey. OneTec-Eventattitude and Bebotics are now officially operating as one.

We are convinced that personalisation is about our ability to create the right experience for each customer. Brands who choose to adopt the technology and strategies to enable customised experience design will gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our shared way of operating and ability to turn creative ideas into reality provide us with the innovative and technological backbone that boosts our range of activation services to the benefit of our client brands and their customers.

Arno Roose – I have always been impressed with both OneTec and Eventattitude’s uncompromisingly high standards of quality, combined with the ‘dare to be different’ approach. I am really excited to be joining the OneTec family, the synergy between us is strong and our vision is aligned.

Pascal Duquesne, CEO – Florence, Arno, Gaëtan and I are driven by our hunger for limitless customised experiences. I am so excited to work with such a forward-thinking team on board. Our unique position as event technology provider combined with brand-activation expertise give the creative minds of marketers and event organisers infinite possibilities for integrated solutions.