Euromillions Volley League: become a fan, scandalously!

Cheer on your favourite volleyball team on a private paradise island. How does that sound? A dream come true during the Euromillions Volley League matches!

In cooperation with Wave Agency, we have created and developed an original video activation for Euromillions, the League's principal sponsor. Supporters who attend the matches are invited to lie back on a sun lounger and pose for a photo "from the sky"… then, in just a click, they find themselves supporting their team from the beach of a paradise island alongside the game's most famous winner.   Yes, that's the man. The guy who became scandalously rich in the Euromillions communication campaigns. 

After the shooting session all participants receive their video by email which they can then share on the social media with a message dedicated to their favourite club: "Your greatest fans follow you everywhere". 

A great souvenir of a sports event and an original way of becoming a fan, scandalously!