Personalised bracelets are also possible!

In light PVC or ultra-resistant paper, bracelets are often used at major events such as festivals or trade fairs. But by customising them they can be used for many other events too.

Thanks to our superfast printers they can printed on the spot to display a visitor's identity, barcode, etc. … and on any bracelet colour. 

With this highly efficient technology you no longer have to show an ID card or fill in forms. Ideal for   a photo activation, video or to personalise a momento.

When fitted with an NFC chip it gives hassle-free access to sites where an admission check is needed. 

It can also be transformed into a virtual wallet to pay for drinks or meals or pick up a goodies bag or documentation. 

While the event organiser obtains a detailed report on the areas visited by the participant during the event. 

Leaving visitors with their hands free to enjoy the event to the full!