Transform your visitors into brand ambassadors thanks to our personalised gifts

A personalised gift. THE most effective way to increase brand awareness and enthusiasm among your customers and visitors, don't you think?  Something we have understood at OneTec!

Thanks to our personalised caps, your visitors are no longer just visitors, but brand ambassadors. The principle is simple: event participants choose their design and/or their text and we produce their unique cap on the spot. 

One of the techniques we use is sublimation printing. This enables us to personalise all types of fabrics in less than 40 seconds and in every imaginable colour. Cotton bags, T-shirts, sweatshirts. We place no limits on your imagination! 

Do you want to personalise other fabrics? No problem! We can use our laser to engrave on metal, wood, glass or rubber for example. 

Just like Maes, ING or TAO, challenge our personalisation solutions and together let's find THE gift to please your customers this summer!