iGaming Next: Hello New York!

When the organisers of an event of global renown call upon our services OneTec goes into overdrive! Our teams spring into action, drawing on all their ingenuity and inventiveness.   

For iGaming Next we took on the full management of the online registration site for participants, exhibitors, speakers and guests. This included implementing quotas for preferential rates, automatic invoice dispatch after online payment and automatic registering of information in the client's accounting software.  Plus setting up a comprehensive administrative module for registration monitoring, data changes and the despatch of confirmation emails. 

On arrival at the Manhattan site visitors benefitted from our adapted technical solutions, such as the badging system for on the spot full-colour badge printing with specific information for each visitor. 

Our teams also provided technical support throughout the trade fair. 

Last but not least, thanks to our post-event reports the organisation will be able to compile a dashboard and a complete and detailed ROI (Return on Investment).

All in all, a golden opportunity to position ourselves internationally in a fast growing sector!