The access control scanner: a bip and you're in… as simple as that

Today most people purchase a ticket for an event online. Hardly anyone has tickets sent to them by post. You either print out the ticket at home or have it ready to present in digital form. Going one step further, the latest development is now scanning terminals. These are set to be rule, ensuring more fluid access to all kinds of events.  

At OneTec, we decided to concentrate our efforts.  Our teams gave 100% to developing effective scanning methods. Thanks to these efforts we quickly established ourselves as a specialist in implementing control systems, whether for reading a barcode or QR code. 

Scanning makes it possible to provide visitor access to festivals, concerts, salons and trade fairs, as well as to workshops at congresses or seminars for which there is a charge and to restricted access zones (VIP lounge, technical staff, press, etc.). 

Scanning in "in/out" mode also means you can count in real time the number of persons present at an event. The organiser can then monitor online, via a secure web platform, the number of persons scanned. Using a 4G card or Wifi connection, he can then consult the statistics, per ticket category, zone, workshop or session, daily or hourly, etc.