The Self-Check-in Kiosk: smooth reception guaranteed

Bye-bye queues at your event entrance. Bye-bye stressed out hostesses who mix up the badges arranged in alphabetical order… Hello "Self-Check-in Kiosk"! 

The Self-Check-in Kiosk is THE guarantee for smooth-running events. The essential tool to welcome your guests with serenity.

Specifically, it consists of a "Self-Check-In Point" for badge issue without the need for a hostess. So how does it work? Simple:

1.        The visitor scans the barcode or QR code indicated on his or her invitation (the system also operates by facial recognition). 

2.        Their personal and/or professional data are displayed on the screen (and can under supervision be easily corrected or changed if necessary).   

3.        The badge is printed immediately, in less than 5 seconds. 

The Kiosk also becomes a communication tool: its design immediately lends a modern, innovative tone to your events. It can be fully branded in your event colours or personalised solely on the tactile screen.   

The result of our latest technologies, with the Kiosk you can print your badges in full colour and in a range of formats. 

Would you like a demo? Feel free to contact us!