Seamlessly organize and manage online meetings, webinars, live streams…

COVID-19: we cannot simply cancel all meetings and events indefinitely because of Covid-19. We have to adapt and make the best out of this situation. That means not cancelling your event but finding new ways of doing them !

Together with Idloom, we have developed a brand new online meeting feature!

Whether you organize small group meetings or huge conferences with thousands of participants, our solution will help you reach your objectives in an easy and efficient way.

How it works ?

  • Instead of setting up physical locations for your events, Onetec can add online meeting rooms for each session.
  • Attendees register to the individual events and sessions as usual, each being linked to a specific online location/meeting room/live stream conference room
  • In their confirmation emails, they’ll have a link to add to their calendars the individual sessions with the meeting room’s login page’s link as the location.
  • To begin the session, participants access the link. They’ll be redirected to a check-in page (just like with physical events!) where they’ll be required to check-in and identify themselves before entering the meeting.
Note: participants don’t see the meeting URL, only the login page’s. The login page makes sure that only registered guests actually access the online room.

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