Lead retrieval

Exhibitors participating at a professional Fair or Congress are under pressure to obtain as much as relevant information about their visitors. Onetec is the ideal partner to provide Exhibitors with requested material:

  • Lead Trackers: small barcode readers whereby the exhibitor needs to scan the barcode printed on the Visitor's Badge. The Exhibitor can also add an "Action Code". After the event, Onetec provides all information provided by the Organizer in an Excel file. For each Visitor detail, the appropriate action is added. The exhibitor knows precisely what to do.

  • Lead Tracking Mobile Web APP: Exhibitors configure the list of actions through an Internet based application. On the field, the exhibitor just gets access using a login and password. By scanning the Visitor's barcode, he immediately obtains all details and can add specific actions or notes to its contact. All information is directly downloadable and can be used immediately by the Sales Team for follow-up. No need to wait after the fair or congress for taking action. Time is money in the Event Industry !

  • Lead Tracker Tablet: Exhibitors are very often extremely busy explaining and talking to prospects and not all Visitors can obtain some requested information. Onetec provides iPads with foot whereby the Visitor can scan its Badge Barcode. The barcode is recorded and transmitted to the Exhibitor after event (or online if the iPad is connected to a high quality Internet Connection). This way, no lead will be lost !

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