Onsite Registration is mostly used together with Badging. Onetec's major strength and quality is its Badging Software. When arriving on the event, the first contact of your visitor is the Onsite Registration and Badging. One can imagine the huge importance of this first contact. It must work perfectly on day 1, at the start. And not later ! Our systems are homemade products with more than 15 year's of experience. All Registration and Badging Units are in a local network and can work independantly. Synchronization with the Online Visitor Registration Website remains possible using Internet but only works in background. Even if there is no Internet Connection anymore, the system remains fully operational.

Onetec's Green Dot Strategy puts the focus on the use of sustainable products. Our creditcard type badges with clip are FULLY Biodegradable. They can be collected at the end of the event and taken away in the appropriate container.

Very often, more information than just name surname and company name need to be printed. Onetec, as a Belgian leading company in Onsite Badging, supplies other types of badges.

The so called Butterfly badge is printed onsite in full color with all type of usefull information you would like to mention such as:

  • Name and Surname
  • Picture
  • Function
  • Company Name
  • QR code or Barcode for Visitor or Lead Tracking or V-card
  • Personalised Workshops schedule
  • Wifi Code
  • Table Number if Seating Gala
  • Special Codes for VIP's or other special authorizations for some types of guests
Using Butterfly Badges with onsite Full Color printing is allows less waste and is much more sustainable. There is no need to pre-print an estimate number of badge layouts. This lowers the global cost and is makes part of the Green Dot Strategy of Onetec.

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