Onsite registration

Your event has been planned for months and the Event Website with Online Visitors Registration worked perfectly (thanks to Onetec's SaaS).  Obviously, visitors without any registration must be able to get access in an easy and professional way.  Onetec's Onsite Registration Software is based on more than 15 years's experience whereby the hostesses can register a visitor in a few seconds with all necessary facilities, like, Facial Recognition, Digital Signature, Badging, etc...  Self Registration is a new tendancy and Onetec is already a pioneer in this domain.

Onsite badge printing using Facial Recognition

Once the visitor arrives at the event location, the first contact will be with the registration team. The event already starts.
Onetec has setup a brand new way of registration, The Facial Recognition Badging System, and setting a new trends in the events market.
Before the event, visitors were asked to upload their picture during the online registration process. Onsite, using The Facial Recognition Badging System, the visitor will immediately be recognized by the kiosk and the full color badge will be printed in seconds. Some other security settings can be introduced in addition to this process. The full color printed badge can also contain the Visitor’s picture taken onsite. This enhances security checking on some critical events.
Onetec’s homemade software also allows the check-in and badging by simply scanning the confirmation code (barcode or QR code).

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